High-voltage lattice towers

We distribute power throughout Europe

Four reasons for opting to cooperate with us


We have been in this business more than  60 years and delivered towers, inter alia, for approximately 70 % of the power distribution network in Norway.

The production plant of our parent company's in Slovakia is one of the largest of its kind in Central Europe - our size guarantees that we manage to deliver even really large projects on schedule.

Quality is our priority. We hold certificates and licenses that allow us to manufacture towers according to European and global standards and classes.

We have experience with major projects around the globe, mainly in Europe. Look at some of the projects we have accomplished.

We provide steel lattice towers for OHTL up to 400 kV and telecomunication.

These towers are produced according to documentation provided by customers.


Welded and bolted steel lattice high voltage towers structures (22 to 400kV)

Main and auxiliary welded and bolted steel for 110 and 400 kV distribution points; bolted mast transformation stations for transformers up to 630 kV

Steel lattice antenna holder structures for telecommunication, lighting and informatics made of all kinds of rolled steel sections (logs, pipes, L, U, HEB. HEA profiles)


Examples of our  implemented work


380 / 400 kV towers

380 / 400 kV towers

Towers with a voltage of 380/ 400 kV form a network of main power lines. There are fewer of them, but they are large and heavy. We implement several such large commissions every year.

110 / 220 kV poles

110 / 220 kV poles

The 110/ 220 kV poles form a power line that can be compared to veins and capillaries. They are smaller in size and there is a multitude of them all over the countryside. One of our commissions was the Hjartdøla - Ålemoen Project for Skagerak. We delivered 96 lattice towers with a voltage of 132 kV for that project.

Antenna poles

Antenna poles

We deliver antenna poles to many countries in Europe.


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Our technological provisions

Thanks to our vast production facilities and many years of experience, we have excellent conditions for the implementation of your projects of any scale.

At our Slovak plant in  Žilina you will find:

experienced and qualified workers

spacious production and storage premises

machinery, and equipment



Our certificates prove that we comply with all the rules of the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 Management System.


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