Substations and other steel structures

We deliver substations for the power industry and steel structures for a broad range of purposes

Four reasons to cooperate with us


As part of our production of substations for the power industry we make: Platforms for substations, welded steel structures and supports and bolted portals and supports. 

We have been in this business for more than  60 years and have made and delivered hundreds of substations and steel structures.  We are an important supplier, especially to the Scandinavian market , but also to other countries.

We always deliver even major projects on schedule, as the production capacity of our parent company,  ELV Žilina, is one of the highest in Central Europe.

Furthermore, we make various other types of steel structures, including steel structures for buildings, halls, warehouses, and technological units; as well as steel structures for pipelines, cable bridges, and benches, poles and lightning poles 

As we take pride in high quality, we are equipped with the latest  certificates for welded and screwed substation structures.

 Dominican Republic, China, U.S.A., Canada, or Saudi Arabia. Substations made in  Žilina can be found around the globe. See some of our  implemented work.

We provide:

 main and auxiliary welded and bolted steel for 110 and 400 kV distribution points
 bolted mast transformation stations for transformers up to 630 kV
steel structures for a broad range of purposes.


Steel structures for substations

Steel structures for substations

 Platforms for substations

 Welded steel structures and supports

 Bolted portals and supports

Various steel structures

Various steel structures

 Steel structures of buildings,
halls, warehouses
and technological units

 Steel structures of pipe and cable
bridges and benches

 Lightning poles

Examples of our  implemented work


Substations for the Orskog Fardal line, Norway

Substations for the Orskog Fardal line, Norway

From 2012 to 2014 we made and delivered steel structures of a total volume of 1271 tons for auxiliary 420/132kV substations of the Orskog - Fardal transmission line.

Steel structures in particularly harsh conditions

Steel structures in particularly harsh conditions

We deliver steel structures for substations to many countries - many of them were made for extremely complicated climatic conditions. The photograph shows a Greenland-Norwegian project that we implemented in 2014.

Steel structures worldwide

Steel structures worldwide

In cooperation with  the Swedish company ABB AB Facts, we deliver steel structures worldwide.


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Our technological provisions

We manufacture substantions and steel structures in the factory  of our affiliated company ELV Žilina in Slovakia.

At our Slovak plant in  Žilina you will find:

experienced and qualified workers

spacious production and storage premises

the most modern machinery equipment




Do you need a substation or steel structure? 

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