Universal towers

We deliver universal steel towers for a broad range of purposes

We deliver three types of universal towers


The SR5 is a square, welded , self supported universal tower for medium loads, with maximum heigh of 60m. The tower type is well suited for telecommunication systems, both onshore and offshore, and for large flow-light systems. A shorter version of this tower is also used for radar system installations. The tower comes in prefab 5m modules, allowing fast and safe assembly on site. Up to four sections may be fitted into each other to facilitate transportation.


The S7 is a square, welded , medium range universal tower for medium to light loads, with maximum height of 35m. The tower’s slim line design makes a narrow top-tapering from a slightly wider base section, -for which only a small foundation is necessary. The tower is light and easy to assemble, comes in 5m modules and is also suitable as a rooftop tower. Transportation is facilitated as four sections may be fitted into each other.


The LS is a welded, triangular, self supported universal tower, for light loads, with a maximum height of 30m. The tower is ideally suited for use with floodlights and light solutions for telecommunication and can be delivered in two versions: with or without combined steps for climbing and abutment for cables. Work and resting platforms are mounted on the outside. The light tower comes in 7,5m modules easy for assembly, and is also suitable as a rooftop tower.




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